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Comme une Française

Sound French (even to the French!)


Cheerful, Helpful Videos

Comme une Française is hosted by Géraldine Lepère, a cheerful French woman who works very hard to help the non-French speak French more like the French. Her website hosts a vast library of videos on many topics to help learners master French language subtleties.

Comme une Française also offers French lessons of various types. (I cannot speak for those. --Greg) Sign up for the newsletter and you will learn about upcoming classes directly.

Géraldine Lepère is something of a French language superstar. She is to French language learning what Adriene Mishler is to Yoga, and Comme une Française is to French what Yoga with Adriene is to Yoga.

Connect with Comme une Française

Comme une Française produces videos on an ongoing basis. A great way to follow them is to subscribe at YouTube, or via Facebook.